Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My best buddy’s Birthday!!

aust Yesterday was Austin’s 22nd birthday.  I am so lucky that he is my kid!:) 

22 Random Austin ‘isms

He loves food.  Pretty much anything
He loves animals, all kinds.
He is so funny.
He does the best movie quotes. (get him and Brecken together doing this, hilarious)
He is definitely NOT a follower.
He is comfortable in his own skin.
The boy has got some moves and can Western Swing like a crazy man.
Cutest mischievous smile.
Likes his mom. (ha ha!)
Has his own flock of registered Suffolk sheep.
Has his own cattle.
Put himself through college with no debt. (huge accomplishment)
Super hard worker.
Very dependable. 
Gets awesome grades.
Will graduate from USU in May.
Is very clean and tidy.
Self motivated.
Likes to be at home.
He has the best hair. (just a little curly)
Never asks for anything! 

Love him, he’s one of a kind and total joy.  Makes me feel like I must of done something right in life to be so lucky to be blessed with a son like him.    IMG_5456IMG_0104IMG_0112 IMG_0155